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tyre regroovingAt Tyre Regrooving Services we offer you a unique and specialised service at your door step. Why spend thousands of dollars every year replacing your Forklift Tyres when you don’t need to.  Regroove your Forklift Tyres so that you’re Burning Rubber Not Money!

Forklift Tyres have a Grooved Tread on them, but once this tread is worn away ‘you supposedly’ need to replace these Tyres and pay for New Tyres. Well in fact this is not the case as these Tyres are only half worn and in fact can be Regrooved for ¼ the price of New Tyres and all the other costs involved.

For a low call out fee and cost effective price per Tyre to Regroove, I will come out to your site as a mobile service and set up in a small 4 x 4 metre area with no equipment from the Customer required.  The job can be done at any time to suit your Business hours or even during Smoko or lunch if your Forklift is needed during the day of working hours.

Cost of New tyres can be between $250-$600 per Tyre if not more, depending on the brand of tyre and the size. We offer a savings of at least $150.00 per Tyre.

So please feel free to give us a call any time for a free quote and hopefully arrange a time for me to help save you and your company money.

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